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Upcoming Events
- College Fair for Juniors
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
- Sr Prom Higfileds CC
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
- Boys Varsity Basketball
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
- Boys Varsity Basketball
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
District Announcements


Due to the construction project that will begin on Monday, May 11 for the next 6-8 weeks the following changes to bus routes must be made.

Any students living on Oxbow road will now be taking Bus 7 instead of Bus 4. Your bus stop location will be the same but the bus number will change.  The new pick up time for effected Middle School Students will be 7:15 am.  The new time for affected elementary school students will be 8:05 am.


Any students living on Leicester Rd will still be taking Bus 4 but will need to change their pickup location to the corner of Leicester Rd and Ennis Rd.  The new pick up time for affected Middle School students will be 7:15 am. The new time for affected elementary school students will be 8:07 am.
Also any students whose stop is after Ennis road can expect that Bus 4 will be running about 10 minutes earlier for the last 7-8 stops on that run.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may cause and thank all residents for their patience as the Town completes this project. 
OHS News & Notes
OHS Music Department Takes Montreal by Storm!

The Oxford High School Chorus traveled to Montreal to compete in the Heritage Music Festival this past weekend.  For its performance, our group earned a GOLD rating.  Also, Chorus President Jasmine Suarez was awarded the festival's only outstanding vocal soloist award. 

Significantly, Oxford also came home with the festival's most sought-after but rarely attained award which recognizes an organization that best reflects the spirit of the festival. In other places it is called the "Esprit de corps" award, but here it is named "Spirit of Montreal". It was given to us by a unanimous vote of the judges and festival organizers on-site. Often this award remains on the trophy table with no group having been found worthy. This is the 4th time Oxford students have been honored to receive this particular award since 1998.

Congratulations to the OHS performing arts students and Mr. Baggett on their performance and a job well done!  The entire OHS community is proud of their achievements! 
Congratulations to Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Lirange

Congratulations go out to Senora Lirange, the latest winner of the Crystal Apple Award for Teaching Excellence at Oxford High School.  Mrs. Lirange is a veteran Spanish Teacher who was nominated by several students for her outstanding instructional performance.  As one student noted, "Mrs. Lirange is an excellent teacher, she has high expectations for all students!" 

The students of Oxford High School are fortunate to have such an outstanding World Language instructor!  Keep up the great work Mrs. Lirange. 

Team of NJROTC Cadets Finish in Top 7% on National Academic Exam
Congratulations to the NJROTC Team of John St. Germain, Quinn Stauffer, Jacob Goyette, Amber Calcano and Michael Guertin who placed 15th among 198 teams entered by 58 schools in Area Four for a top 7% ranking.  Nationally, this team of cadets finished 176th out of 1,671 teams placing them in the top 10% of the highest scoring teams.  In addition, a second team of cadets, Logan MacManus, Desiree Anderson, Brittany Kemp, Tyler Provencher and Nicholas Rosebrooks, placed 41st out of 198 teams in Area Four earning them a ranking in the top 20%.  As a result of this strong academic performance by our OHS NJROTC Cadets the unit has earned extra points for the end of the year Distinguished Unit Award.  This achievement is not surprising given OHS's strong commitment to academic excellence and our mission of ensuring that ALL students graduate college and career ready!  As always, job well done by our OHS NJROTC cadets!  #PiratePride #WeSoCanDoThis

Oxford High School MCAS Schedule
Please find below the schedule for the upcoming MCAS Exams which will be given at Oxford High School.  It is important to note that our faculty have worked diligently all school year to prepare students to achieve success on each of the exams that they will be required to take.  During the week of March 23rd parents of students in the Class of 2017 will receive a letter detailing the importance of MCAS as well as ways in which you can support your child in achieving success on the MCAS exam.  The letter will contain the schedule as well as helpful tips and strategies to review with your child in advance of the MCAS season.  As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 508-987-6081 or by email at rthibault@oxps.org.  
Exam  Session Date 
Grade 10 ELA MCAS Exam  Reading Comprehension Sessions 1 and 2  March 31, 2015
Reading Comprehension Session 3 April 1, 2015
ELA Long Composition April 2, 2015 
Grade 10 Mathematics Session 1  May 19, 2015
Session 2 May 20, 2015
Science, Technology & Engineering (STE) Session 1  June 8, 2015
Session 2  June 9, 2015
OHS Art Students on Display at Hometown Bank
The Oxford High School community would like to congratulate Ms. Taborda and her students: 
Anthony Deneault, Emily Pellerin,Liz Lambert, Erin Reid, Tori Sheehan and Cassie Willey all of whom have had their original works of art on display at the Hometown Bank on Sutton Ave. for the past month.  An art reception honoring our students as well as the following Ceramics students:  Kelsey Gardner, Rylee Donovan, Amber Trybalski, Haley Baker, Kayli Lopriore, Daniele Krusas, Jessica Tibbetts, Kristina Flint, Alexis Walsh, Mary Jane Latham who will have their original works on display as well will take place on the evening of March 5, 2015.  All members of the community are welcome to attend the reception which will be held at Hometown Bank on Sutton Ave. from 5 p.m until 7 p.m.   Once again congratulations to our talented art students, the entire Oxford Community is proud of your accomplishment! 
Congratulations to NJROTC

Oxford High Naval Junior ROTC Cadets Earn 10th Drill Championship in 11 Years

 On January 31st, Oxford High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Unit cadets participated in the final seasonal meet in the very competitive Southern New England Drill League (SNEDL).  Throughout the season, league rules specify that member schools must participate in all four league meets of the season to maintain eligibility for final end of year awards.  At each meet, schools placing first through third in each event are awarded 10, 5 and 3 points respectively, which accumulate for participants throughout the season not only for event but also divisional titles.  The final league meet of the 2014-2015 season and concurrent League End of Season Awards Ceremony were hosted by the Air Force JROTC Unit at Central High School in Springfield for all eight league schools present.  Each school’s teams came with large contingents of parents, family members and friends creating a packed gymnasium cheering each school’s teams on through thirteen major events.  Despite a rebuilding year with many new freshmen and sophomore players, few could have predicted how well things would turn out for Oxford’s Pirate Cadets as they   confidently entered the standard eight events in the Armed and Unarmed Divisions at the final meet.
Several seasoned veterans, like seniors and Team Captains John St. Germain and Amber Calcano, led a younger but confident cadre of cadets to stellar results at the final meet – earning Oxford seven trophy finishes in the eight events entered including first places in Armed and Unarmed and Color Guard Events, second place in Unarmed Exhibition, and three additional third place finishes.  These Pirates’ performance solidified final league standings.  Additionally, Amber Calcano and junior Connor Harnois earned medals in the Unarmed Individual Drill event.  Cadet Harnois earned himself a second medal in the Armed Individual Drill Event.
Following the 4th meet regular awards ceremony, Colonel Tom Cleland, USAF (Ret), Senior Aerospace Instructor and his Cadet Commander of the Air Force Junior ROTC Unit at Central High in Springfield, began a lengthy End of Season Awards ceremony, with eight schools and over 400 hundred cadets paraded before a capacity crowd in the gymnasium.  In eight events routinely entered at regular season meets in two divisions, Oxford High Pirate cadets were awarded eight Best School of League Season honors including SNEDL champs in the Armed Inspection and Unarmed Color Guard and a tie with Central Springfield for Armed Color Guard top honors.  Second place Best School of Season were earned in Unarmed Exhibition, Unarmed Team Inspection and Armed Regulation events.  Oxford also won third place Best School of Season awards for Armed Exhibition and Unarmed Regulation events.  When the final overall divisional standings were announced, cumulative point totals from all four meets ultimately earned the intrepid Pirates a 1st place tie overall as Best School of League Season in the Unarmed Division and a third place tie overall in the Armed Division.  Both ties were with perennial powerhouse Central High School Air Force Junior ROTC of Springfield.  Each announcement was met with hugs amongst the cadets as team commanders marched forth to formally receive each of the seventeen awards to cheers from over sixty parents, relatives, friends, and former Oxford Drill Team and Color Guard alumni – all of whom traveled to Springfield to witness a superb day of tight competition and well deserved recognition.   
            Practices started last September.  Many challenges emerged through the season, including the departure of several experienced upperclassmen.  However, revamped teams with mostly rookie freshmen rose to the occasion to perform at high levels, to excel and gained confidence each week.  Underclassmen also stepped up both their performance on the drill deck and their leadership roles and responsibilities for younger peers.  The unified team effort and raised expectations bar with tougher practices allowed the Pirates to gel as a unit – and those who stuck with it witnessed the fruition of their hard work at the end of year presentations.  Cadet focused determination spanning five months of early morning practices starting at 5:30 a.m. before school start, five days a week, ultimately netted them results exceeding expectations.  Competition was tight at every meet, with differences of 1 to 2 points separating 1st from 2nd place out of a possible 200 or more points tallied from all judges.  Overall standings points were likewise close.  With the Pirates being announced Best School of League Season in the Unarmed Division, Oxford’s Drill Team and Color Guard continued a proud tradition of earning SNEDL Divisional Champs honors for the tenth time in eleven years since the league voted to initiate those awards in 2003. 
To close out the day, traditional special presentations were made to graduating veterans to recognize many years of tireless, dedicated practice, loyalty and leadership on many levels.  Seniors received a floral bouquet and gift cards from all underclassmen.  The teams thanked Oxford High alumni cadets Manjeet Gill and Jason Green who used their drill championship experiences to help train cadets and assist Drill Team Coach Master Chief David Youngsman, US Naval Reserve (Ret) in his fifth year at Oxford.  Color Guard champs likewise thanked CDR Michael C. Masley, Jr., USN (Ret) who completed his 19th season working with those teams.  Cadets clearly expressed their appreciation was passed to all parents, family members, friends and supporters who traveled to all the meets to cheer the teams on throughout the season both at the drill site and on the bus trip home.
When it counted most, Oxford’s NJROTC cadets delivered an amazing performance, capturing 17 of 18 possible trophy finishes, while continuing their legacy of bringing league championship titles to Oxford High School.  This year’s championship team members include seniors Amber Calcano, John St. Germain and Quinn Stauffer; juniors Stephen Bouchard, Will McGee, Joshua Kichar, Connor Harnois and Desiree Anderson; sophomores Kaitlyn Zindle, Amanda Calcano, Connor Pinkham, Colin Gage, Nicholas Rosebrooks, Robert Gonzalez, and Tyler Provencher; and freshmen Amanda Brassard, Tyler Bouchard, Dienna Gleason, Taylor Coonan, Zachary Westbrook, Madyson Harnois, and Riley Moen. 
The teams would like to pass their deep appreciation to the trustees of the Cecelia Smolenski-Millette Trust Fund for their continued support through special grants, and to generous local donors who wish to remain anonymous – all of whom help outfit and operate the eight teams fielded within the Oxford High Naval Junior ROTC Drill Team and Color Guard at no cost to the school.  Congratulations to all members of the Pirate Drill Team and Color Guard for another outstanding league season of achievements while representing Oxford High School.  

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